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Design and manufacture

For over 35 years Fillpack has been designing and manufacturing conveying systems for the handling of packaged and bulk products for many industrial sectors: bottling, food, mechanical, chemical and pharmaceutical.

The team

The work team is made up of highly experienced staff in the sector as well as of young people qualified in mechanical engineering for the design part, the real flagship of a company that has always aimed at the forefront.


Quality target

Quality is an integral part of the company's culture and plays a fundamental role in the development of projects, in component purchasing policies, in production processes and in after-sales technical assistance.

Research and innovation

Always looking for technological and qualitative innovations, we are able to evaluate the problems related to the handling of products, offering a wide range of automatic and semi-automatic solutions for depalletizing systems..

We offer the most appropriate solution to the needs of each customer, improving production capacities of small companies as well as large industrial groups.

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